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About AAA Bits Consulting

With over 10 years of experience,

AAA Bits Consulting is a solution provider focused on enabling your business meet strategic objectives in the most secure manner. Our goal is to help businesses achieve an AAA rating in their information Security initiatives, hence promoting the realization of business objectives in the contemporary digital world. We consider IT Security to be art, and we continuously explore ways to ensure our clients achieve an optimal return on security investment (ROSI). We approach IT Security from a holistic viewpoint, with the aim to have an alignment between specific business risks and security controls. This puts the much-desired connection between security programmes and the business.


To be a TOP 10 Cyber Security Company in Africa by 2025.


We connect Security to Business...

In our art, business risk and the security plan fit together like a dovetail joint.

Quality Policy

AAA Bits Consulting delivers Cyber security solutions and services that ensures our clients achieve an optimal return on security investment (ROSI) because we are constantly seeking to add value to customer operations.

To achieve our policy, our Quality Management System has been developed in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard and adopts a process approach to enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.



We are strongest when we work together as a team. We communicate and work together to offer excellent service to our clients in order to achieve our common goals.


We care about all of our stakeholders. We actively hear and sense one another's thoughts and feelings, being kind and finding empathetic ways to support individuals and each other to achieve positive outcomes.


We understand it is not about being perfect, but about being successful in what we do through courageous mindset.


We acquire new understanding, knowledge, skills & abilities required to deliver quality work to customers. We value knowledge and self-development and we aim to cultivate an attitude and behavior within the organization that is constantly learning and growing.