We believe our customers want to meet their strategic business objectives, and need solutions that will make this achievable. Our innovative approach to solution development gives your business the competitive edge needed for growth and sustainability.

Identity Theft Mitigation

Stealing of identity to impersonate is a common occurrence, and businesses must protect their clients in this area.
Starting from multi-factor authentication, single sign on for customers to the various client platforms, public key infrastructure (PKI) to privilege identity security et al; we listen to hear and understand your business requirement and offer the right solution (involving a mix where necessary). We consider cost effectiveness, scalability and integration with other business solutions in our approach to arrive at a solution for your business needs.

Security Intelligence and Operations

Security Intelligence is about being able to get actionable insight from the system interaction and network communication in your business environment. If you are considering having full visibility of your business systems considering user, network and applications activities; then our security intelligence solution is the unlocking key to that.

Integrity Assurance on Business Systems / Business Rule Integrity

Integrity assurance is being able to know if and when unauthorised activities are taking place on your critical business systems. This covers DAM (Database Activity Monitoring), FIM (File Integrity Monitoring), SSM (Service Status Monitoring) et al. In our viewpoint, our customers want to be sure critical business systems operate with the golden state configurations. This means our customers don’t want a sudden change in the business rule, which may adversely affect business operations.

Insider Threat /Corporate Espionage Prevention

Our corporate espionage solution helps businesses stay ahead in their competitive space, by mitigating espionage or insider attacks that aim to sell out key business assets (such as Marketing plans, Expansion Plans, Strategic Headhunt Plans, Customer Database or Mailing List). We listen to hear and understand concerns from the owner/leader of strategic functions or line of businesses, and we leverage our experience gathered from trainings (local & offshore) and consultation for enterprise environment to give you the right fit that enable you meet your business objectives.

Incident Response /Cyber Resilience

Resilience is about thriving in the face of cyber attacks. It’s about a business being ready for attacks, which would always surface. Without the right strategy in place to respond to security incidents, the business may suffer beyond repair in face of attacks. In our viewpoint, as long as your business is leveraging technological tools to expand in reach and meet business objectives, Resilience should be built into such business to survive attacks in the best way possible. Do you have details of the number of cyber attacks in your organisation in periods (last two years, last year, last quarter etc)? If such analytics details are not available, then key inputs to your IT Security strategy formulation are missing. We help address this.



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